Seal Point

SEAL POINT - 38 Hectares

The Seal Point Nature Area includes the land on either side of the road approaching the lighthouse and extends all along the coast to the western boundary of the Cape St Francis village at Sunset Rocks. 
From almost any elevated point in the nature areas, the iconic Seal Point Lighthouse can be seen. Originally proposed for Cape St Francis (Shark Point), it was decided instead to build the lighthouse on the more southerly Seal point of Seal Bay. Since 1878 it has been known as the Cape St Francis Light at Seal Point. 

A unique community of miniature plants occupies a narrow (10-20-m band) of shell shingle immediately above the high-water mark along the Seal Point peninsula and around the Lighthouse. It is home to 8 Endangered plant species. 

Coastal seeps wetlands, with water pimpernel and sea lavender, can be seen along the Wild Side of the western coastline. Cape clawless otters are also often spotted.


Lighthouse Trail

Seal Point Trail