The Thyspunt Alliance is a group formed to represent the interests of the various civic, resident, sporting and environmental associations in the Kouga Municipality.) It includes organisations such as FOSTER, SFB and CSF Civic Associations, Kromme River Tust, Seavista Forum, Gamtkwa Khoisan Council and others.

FOSTER is represented on the Alliance by Richard and Shirley Cowling. They have put a huge amount of work into presenting a united, well-researched and informed case against the proposed siting of a nuclear power plant at Thyspunt.


Some surprise and huge jubilation was expressed by the Thyspunt Alliance and most of the St Francis residents in response to the news that Government has opted to site the next nuclear project in the Western Cape at Duynefontein, instead of Thyspunt.

Huge accolades must go to the members of the Thyspunt Alliance who fought this battle with all the skills, energy and sheer determination they could find, for so long…we are forever indebted to you for your perseverance!

Until just days before the announcement, there were still mixed messages being broadcast by Gigaba  ‘We can’t afford it’ and Deputy Energy Minister  ‘we’re ready for nuclear in the eastern Cape’.

We can only hope sanity prevails and the whole idea will be scrapped altogether.

For Greenpeace and other anti-nuclear organisations, the fight isn’t over.