In response to the Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed nuclear power plant at Thyspunt, the Thyspunt Alliance was formed to represent the interests of the various fishing, resident, sporting and environmental associations in the Kouga Municipality. It includes organisations such as FOSTER, SFB and CSF Ratepayers’ Associations, Kromme Enviro Trust, Seavista Forum, Gamtkwa Khoisan Council, Supertubes Foundation, and others. FOSTER is represented on the Alliance by Richard and Shirley Cowling.

Under the remarkable leadership of Trudi Malan, the Alliance developed powerful arguments against the proposed “largest industrial development in the southern hemisphere” at Thyspunt, some 10km west of St Francis Bay. Through the combination of generous sponsorship to pay for an environmental lawyer and the volunteered expertise of the interested and affected parties, the Alliance succeeded in deflecting the Record of Decision by the authorities away from Thyspunt. Instead, the Duynefontein Site at Koeberg was selected as the preferred site. This was an extraordinary achievement given the strong fight by vested interests and the pressure for selecting Thyspunt.

Recently, the local print media displayed advertisements for Public meetings about Eskom’s application to the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) for a nuclear site licence for Thyspunt.  However, there are a number of serious obstacles in the form of legal requirements before such a licence could be granted. The Thyspunt Alliance is monitoring the situation.