• The bench policy only relates to reserve areas where FOSTER is the custodian.
  • The cost of a designated site is R5000 for 5 years, renewable. Specific sites are available, please contact us. your donation of R5000 will be used to aid our conservation effort and is much appreciated.
  • The cost of the bench, memorial plaque, delivery and installation is for the applicant. FOSTER will assist where possible. All costs are for the applicants account.
  • Benches, memorial plaques, grave stones and any other memorial memorabilia placed in the reserve system which has not been approved by FOSTER’s committee can be considered abandoned and removed. We respectfully request that consideration be given to the community and FOSTER in this regard.
  • Please contact us for additional information



There has been a worrying increase in snares being set in our reserves and on Rocky Coast Farm.

This is a major problem because of the logistics involved in patrolling all the forested areas. We have been using volunteers for snare patrols as well as paid searches to limit the impact of snaring on our fragile wildlife stocks.

The discovery of a dead bushbuck ram that had been caught in a snare and left to die and rot was tragic for all of us. Again, lack of funds is a severe handicap.


FOSTER successfully applied for and received special funds dedicated to alien plant removal.

Today there is not a single seed-bearing alien plant in any of the nature areas that FOSTER manages!

The ongoing control of regrowth is funded by membership subs and donations from residents and visitors.

Donations also fund the clearing, maintenance and stabilisation of trails so that people can walk and cycle through groves of thicket trees, amongst aromatic fynbos and along the edge of the sea.

To all of those who continue to support us we are hugely grateful!


Funding for 15 signs was awarded by the Rowland and Leta Hill Trust. We also received special funding for interpretation and signage in the different areas of the network of St Francis nature areas.

These funds have been used for reserve signs, nameplates on trees and shrubs, interpretive pamphlets and trail maps.