OUTREACH – ‘A Walk on the Wildside’


The ‘Walk on the Wildside’ educational project, a three year programme co-funded by FOSTER, the Table Mountain Fund and the WWF, reached the conclusion of its sponsored period late 2013.

Since then, this important project continues with FOSTER funds and generous donations from the public. Lilian and Dave continue to guide many young footsteps along the ‘Walk on the Wildside’ as well as the new trail ‘A Walk in the Woods’.

At the end of last year a total of almost 2000 learners and educators from Kouga schools, and many adult groups, have enjoyed these educational excursions.

In particular, Talhado and Seavista Schools and St Francis College have sent multiple groups of enthusiastic, curious learners who make these excursions so rewarding.

The trail has also been used, inter alia, for annual Women’s’ Day walks, Rhino Runs and the FOSTER Fun Run. Residents and visitors to Cape St. Francis walk the trail daily.

Our intern, Dawie, is now guiding walks in Xhosa, English and Afrikaans.

FOSTER would especially like to thank the sponsors and the many volunteers who give unstintingly of their time and expertise. As we no longer receive funding from our previous major sponsors, all donations towards our ‘Outreach’ project will be much appreciated.

For further Educational Excursion information or bookings call Lilian: 082 763 4113