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Compliments of the season to you all for the year ahead!

The silly season has come and gone and many of us made those silly New Year resolutions…‘I’ll get fit and lose weight, just as soon as the family and friends depart!’

There’s no better way to make a start than to get out into the reserves…on foot or cycle…there’s a path for everyone!

Our reserve camera traps show that a record number of people did just that…more than a thousand people were captured enjoying our natural splendour over the season which is very gratifying for us.

However, maintenance of the reserves and trails costs approximately R65 000.00 per annum.

There is still ongoing fire damage rehabilitation.

This is all funded by membership subs, donations and fundraising events…so please people, without your help we can’t do it.

Membership fees…R100 per person or R150 per family.

Plus…all donations over R200 are tax deductible!

See details below


The Fun Run saw a turnout of over 200 festive people and raised about R12000.00 after costs (insurance, ambulance standby, peak caps, posters and signs etc).

Every cent of this goes into the reserves.

There are huge thanks due to so many people who helped to make it a success…Primarily The Resort for hosting the Start and Finish and helping with registration etc then the sponsors of prizes and water tables and the Marshals…

Click here for our full Accolades List 

Thanks for putting the Fun in our Run!!

Click here for more photos of the race on our Gallery

Monkey Business

Many residents have asked us what to do about the nuisance that the monkeys are becoming. There is no easy solution…remembering that they are wildlife and it’s we who are encroaching on their territory. I know…that doesn’t make it easier to bear when you are under siege!

We had this letter recently from Joeleen Beyers, a primatologist, who outlines some measures to take which, although mostly common sense, are useful reminders. In brief she says…

‘I truly believe that if all neighbors work together, the unwanted behaviors will soon disappear. Keep in mind that most, if not all of these measures, will only need to be in place for a short while.  Just until they realize that there is no reason to hang around anymore. The most important aspect of any monkey management plan (especially if close neighbours are involved), is cooperation.  Once all the variables are in place and food is taken away, the monkeys will soon move on to find the available food that they need elsewhere.’  Read the full letter here

She has also offered her contact details for anyone who would like to speak with her.

Monkey Matters, South African Primate Rescue and Education. Email: monkeymatterssa@gmail.com Facebook: monkeymatterssa Cell: 084-744-4909


This important project continues in Lilian’s capable hands and is now funded by FOSTER with generous assistance from an anonymous donor from our community. 

At the end of last year, a total of almost 2000 learners and educators from Kouga schools, and many adult groups, have enjoyed the ‘Walk on the Wildside’ educational excursions since its inception.

To book an excursion call Lilian: 082 763 4113


Breaking news…

A brand new species has just been discovered in Irma Booysen Flora Reserve!! We introduce to you… the Leaproach…genus Saltoblattella or ‘cockroach that jumps’ !

This is not a ‘yukkie, crawl up through the drains and over the food’ cockroach but a very unusual insect genus first described in 2011 and only found in the Cape Floristic Region.

This recent find in IBFR by Jonathan Colville from the South African National Biodiversity Institute at Kirstenbosch Cape Town, represents the eastern most record of a Leaproach and is thus highly significant.

Approximately 10mm in length, these Leaproaches can jump 48 times their body length. With grasshopper like hind legs, they rival and even outperform grasshoppers as they leap from stem to stem among plants and restios.

The Leaproach is arguably the most attractive species with beautiful silvery white and black striping. The natural diet of the Leaproach is largely unknown, but in captivity it feeds on a range of plant-based foods, it has also been observed to feed on grasshopper droppings!

This important discovery vindicates our collective conservation efforts thus far. Your support of FOSTER has directly aided the local conservation effort and we thank you wholeheartedly. The Leaproach is your discovery, and yours to protect.

Read more fascinating details here or the full scientific report here

 More photos from our nature areas… thanks to Gregg Darling


Greater double collared sunbirds…adult male on a Cotyledon floret and a juvenile male on a Boophane disticha…both currently in flower

A group of young Bushbuck rams in Air Park

For our latest wildlife photos and videos from the camera traps, go to our website www.foster.org.za or our facebook page.


The lack of rain becomes more scary by the day as our dam levels drop and the reserves look drier and drier. Most of the rain that is forecast never happens.      Please use water sparingly!!  


Kouga Dam:     38.65%      (Dec 54.37%)
Churchill Dam: 33.3%        (Dec 48.30%)
Impofu Dam:    72.89%       (Dec 78.43%)

(Thanks to Chris Cowling)



SEPT   89mm    Av 60mm    lowest  25mm 2005
OCT     34mm    Av 72mm    lowest  14mm 2001
NOV    25mm     Av 70mm    lowest   6mm  2003
DEC     32mm    Av 45mm    lowest  11mm 2008
ANNUAL TOTAL 2016      929mm     Annual Av 790mmm


SEPT  57mm     Av  55mm   lowest 25mm 2005
OCT   34mm      Av 68mm    lowest 14mm 2014
NOV   21mm      Av 72mm    lowest   8mm 2003
DEC   36mm
ANNUAL TOTAL 2016   709mm        Annual Av 730mm

(Thanks to Willie Uys and Bart Logie)


Nuclear 1- Where Are We Now? 

Still more smoke and mirrors from everyone involved in the official decision making process!

Solar Employs More Workers Than Coal, Oil and Natural Gas combined

Read this interesting article published by Ecowatch recently 

FOSTER supports this call by the Thyspunt Alliance opposing the nearby siting of the Nuclear Power Station…the latest news and appeal from the Thyspunt Alliance here

Follow our Facebook page for regular updates and breaking news on this.


 All membership fees due in January 2017
Our membership runs from January to January
R100 per person or R150 for family or corporate membership.
We are a registered Public Benefit Organisation – all donations over R200 are tax deductible and we will issue the relevant receipt.
All funds go to the reserves and Outreach
Our audited Financial Statements can be seen here
When making a donation, please show your name and a postal address to which we can post your certificate.
Details here

FOSTER Bank details:
Friends of St Francis Nature Areas
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